What's included when you hire Suzie?

Each package has it's own set of inclusions, you can find each package listed on the HOME page. Alcohol is NOT included in any of our packages

Are there drinks inclued in the price?

No. We are BYO so you supply the drinks, we serve.

How much alcohol should I buy?

Once you have booked us we can start planning your drinks list. We will give you a list based on your number of guests and length of service.

I have a drinks package through my venue, can we hire the caravan for our venue or catering staff to use?

Absolutely! Our dry hire option is means we drop the caravan off and your venue or catering staff look after the service. We do not allow our Dry Hire option to be booked without confirmation of RSA staff being used

Do you need access to power or water?

Power, yes! One x 10amp outlet. Water, no! We bring water with us but if there is water available on site then amazing!

Do you have fridges to cool the drinks?

We have a wine fridge to store wine for service and ice buckets for beer but you need to make sure your drinks are chiilled before we arrive. We only store what we need for an hours worth of service in the van at any time. We highly recommend hiring a cool room to store and chill your drinks prior to our arrival

Do you charge extra for cocktail service?

No, our costs involve all types of drink service

How far in advance do we need to book you?

We are currently booking weddings for as far as 24 months in advance. If you're considering booking us for your day we suggest getting in touch ASAP. Popular dates don't last long!

We have you booked for our wedding, when do we need to let you know what we want to do?

We can start planning at any time, but we don't collect final details until 30 days before the wedding. You will change your mind ten times over so it's best not to make key service decisions too early in the planning process

What time will you arrive on the day?

We don't plan our drop off schedule until the week of the wedding. If you need to confirm our arrival times with your venue, say 11am the day of. If our arrival time will differ from this we will let you know!

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