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Trusting Your Florist - By Jade McIntosh Flowers

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The best thing about having our work featured in Vogue isn’t being featured in Vogue, it’s realising that one special couple trusted us enough to let us create something magical for the biggest day of their lives.

Allow us a moment to brag: our flowers were recently featured in Vogue as part of this feature on Jess and Matt’s wedding back in September. From the moment Jess contacted us earlier this year, we were excited to be working on her flowers, and it’s such a thrill to see our work in such a prestigious publication.

But our favourite part wasn’t the exposure or getting to work on a high-profile wedding – although we were honoured to be chosen – it was summed up by this quote from Jess:

“She totally went above and beyond to style the entire wedding from flowers to little details like stunning brass and copper chairs, vases and candle holders. We wanted the styling to reflect us and our music, and she really captured our spirit.”

It just sums up what we try to do for every single couple that contacts us, no matter what their budget and style. We want to create something that is about you, that compliments and perfectly finishes off your wedding, that your guests will remember but that doesn’t overshadow what the day is really about.

But it also got us thinking about our favourite weddings and our favourite couples – and it’s not the ones with the biggest budgets or the highest profiles. It’s the ones who trust us.

The best thing Jess did, as a client, is put her trust in us. She had a look at our work, read our FAQs and made the decision to put her wedding styling in our hands. She gave us a brief and a budget, and an idea of the kind of wedding she wanted, and then left us to it. In fact, when we headed into the valley on the day of the wedding with her flowers and a van-load of hire items, we were still plotting exactly what we were going to do!

It’s a huge thing, and such an honour – one we don’t take lightly.

It’s also something of a rarity these days! With Instagram and Pinterest showing couples hundreds and thousands (and probably hundreds of thousands!) of images of wedding flowers, many couples come to us not only with a few inspo shots, but an exact prescription of what they want every single aspect of their florals to look like. We understand why – a wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and you want it to be perfect – but sometimes we worry that couples are setting themselves up for disappointment, when the final product doesn’t match their inspo exactly, which it likely won’t.

Why? Well, it’s worth remembering that what you’re seeing online is often an edited professional photo, often colour corrected or enhanced, sometimes manipulated in other ways. You’re seeing the photographers vision, as well as the florists work. Often, we receive professional photos of our own bouquets and they look completely different!

But more than that, it’s worth remembering that flowers are a natural product, and that means they’re fussy and unpredictable and affected by so many things. Temperature. Rainfall. Wind. Sunlight. Even after nearly twenty years in the industry, sometimes we see a bunch of flowers arrive from the market and they’re a colour or a shape we’ve never see before. No two flowers are ever identical – and that’s part of what make them amazing!

We love seeing inspo (we also love being inspo, but that’s another story…), but we love it best of all when a couple comes to us and says ‘here are a few images we like, but we also trust you to create something just for us’. Purely selfishly, it means we can get a little bit more creative, but it also means you’re getting something truly unique, made just for you. And if you love it – and we sincerely hope you will – then that means even more!

In some ways this applies to every single vendor you have for your wedding. You’re never going to be able to control exactly how things work out, but what you can do is make sure you’re working with people who have your best interests at heart, who understand what you want out of your wedding day, and who you trust – just like Jess did!

All Images by The Evoke Company

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