Caravan Bars for Hire Hunter Valley NSW


From $2400.00 + GST

Hire of Suzie + service for 5 hours

Provision of ice and glassware

Rubbish bins 

Barware consumables including straws & napkins. 

Cocktail service 

Styling of the bar area 

RSA qualified bar staff 

Custom bar playlist & background music (If we notice an awkward silence we'll turn it up and keep the vibe going)

Self serve caraffes of fruit infused waters at the bar

Access to ordering templates to help with deciding alcohol quantities 

Personalised bar menu 

A cute pre packed cooler bag of bevies to take with you for bridal party snaps

Two lawn games

Pretzels, nuts & bar snacks on the bar for your guests to nibble

Unlimited face to face meetings to discuss your event & assistance with planning

Option to add tea & coffee with our one touch espresso machine - $2 per guest

Horse float bar