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Our wedding day, what went wrong and why it doesn't matter!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Leading up to our wedding the pressure was on, my friends and family kept telling me how perfect my wedding was going to be because I'm doing weddings every weekend. But attending weddings every weekend didn't mean my wedding was going to be perfect, it meant I understood that things will go wrong and to not dwell on it. Nothing matters!

Don't get me wrong, I had an amazing group of suppliers who went above and beyond for me, and they absolutely nailed it, but things still went wrong with even the best of the best behind me. I could have cracked it and gone into full bridezilla mode, but I would have ruined my own day. Here's just a small taste of what didn't go to plan....

1. I wanted to choose the specific flowers, like really choose. Which meant I woke up at 2:30am the Monday before my wedding and drove to Sydney flower markets to pick up my roses that were pre ordered to make sure we could get them post valentines day. Fast forward to 8am, I get home from the flowers markets with my flowers, I open the box, and they're not my flowers. I laughed, what are the odds. One phone call later and my flowers have been found and are delivered on the Wednesday. Wednesday comes but only half the flowers arrive. Jade from Jade Mcintosh Flowers chases down my flowers and probably mentally slaps me for not letting her do it properly from the start. No bridezilla moment necessary, I trusted my florist and it all worked out.

2. My wedding dress. We changed our wedding date last minute so my nan who was very sick could attend. She ended up calling two days before the wedding and saying her doctor wouldn't let her travel and ended up missing the wedding. I cried for about 20 minutes then decided we'll be driving to Coonabarabran the following weekend and having a mini ceremony in her backyard for her, So now I get to wear my dress again!) An August wedding became a Feb wedding and Kelly from Atelier Rose had next to no notice to get my dress made, which meant I was cutting it close. Friends and family kept asking where my dress was, it arrived hand delivered by Kelly 1 hr and 30 minutes before I walked down the aisle. Still, bridezilla had not reared her ugly head. I trusted Kelly and she delivered. Simple.

3. Before we started our wedding business my background was barbershops. I own two barbershops and through the week I am there cutting hair. The groomsmen were planning on coming in for haircuts through the week but didn't make it. I was cutting hair until 9pm in the dark the night before my wedding, everyone else was drinking having a ball, I was dead sober, cutting hair like I had been all bloody week, looking after everyone else when I hadn't even been able to get my own hair done (One of my bridesmaids said to me the day before the wedding "I don't want to alarm you but your hair is green" lol I laughed and said I know.) This could have been a moment where I though "yeah nah, this ain't happening" but I was getting married the next day, I don't think anything could have upset me.

3. The signing table. I was having such a lovely morning the day of the wedding, I went and grabbed everyone coffee, painted my toenails, hung out with my friends. I forgot all the things I was meant to do and just relaxed. Which meant when I got to the end of the aisle Lauren my celebrant whispered to me "You forgot the signing table" I laughed. Of course I did! F*ck it. After our 9 minute ceremony, legit 9 minutes, no messing around here. We walked back down the aisle (without the throwing petals because I forgot to grab them too lol) and signed our marriage certificate inside. Now, I can be forgiven because it's my own wedding and I'll forget what I want but even if it were someone else's responsibility I wouldn't have cared any more, did anyone die? No. Bridezilla is nowhere to be seen.

4. Family photos. The weather was perfect, I hate the heat and the rain couldn't decide whether it wanted to stay or go so when the sun came out we made a mad dash for the lake and got family photos, literally one shot for each side of the family while we had a chance. I got mine, Dan got his, and it was back to the party. Nice and simple. Most brides dread rain on their wedding day. Is that really the worst thing that could happen?

5. The blackout. During said rain everyone huddled inside the barn at Stanley Park. It was pretty dark so I was saying how I was having so much fun I didn't even realise it was so late. My friends said it's not late, it's just dark from the blackout. What blackout? I honestly had not even noticed. I kept drinking and went about the day. I had a bride cry once because the power went out at her wedding. I felt for her, she was genuinely devastated, but not one single guest at your wedding cares about the power and if you don't make a big deal out of it, no one will give two shits.

All of these are tiny things. But I've seen so many weddings where someone has let something so insignificant ruin their day. I have a friend who does wedding styling and she had a mishap with a client who thought they ordered a wishing well but they didn't. No biggie. Well their whole day was ruined by this little wishing well. I had another wedding where the bride no joke sat in silence all day, didn't speak to her friends or family because it was raining. Entire day ruined.

Your wedding day being perfect doesn't depend on everything going to plan, it depends on how much you enjoy your day. We had so many curveballs thrown at us at our wedding and I couldn't have had a better day, if I could go back I wouldn't stop the rain, I wouldn't stop the blackout. But the absolute best decision I made was to have an early ceremony. We got married at 2pm and spent the rest of the day hanging out with family and friends. We enjoyed the day as much as everyone else and I refused to spend most of the day tucked away in anticipation of the big moment. We got it done and relaxed.

If you can have a crap day on your wedding day then you more than likely caused it by not being flexible enough. Harsh I know, but I'm here to shine the light on what's important. Enjoying yourself!

My Dream Team

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