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Silent Shout Entertainment - What not to do on a wedding seating plan

Working out who should sit where for your wedding can get tricky. After all, you want your big bunch of weird and wonderful guests to feel comfortable and have a good night with whoever they’re tabled up with. It might sound like an odd strategy, but hear us out on why you should create the seating plan for your wedding around the DJ. 

1. Consider who will likely be in their seats the most

This might be your grandparents or your cousin who’s caring for a new bub. Its likely these guests will enjoy the quieter end of the room, so move them right away from the dance floor and speakers. Hearing aids don’t always work well with loud music, and your grandparents will find it hard to hold a conversation under a speaker. If you don’t, be prepared for a volume war between nan asking for it to be turned down, and your bridesmaids wanting it as loud as it can go. 

2. Who is going to get the party started?

Maybe these are your friends from school, or it could be Aunty Betty. Basically, these are the guests wriggling in their seats waiting to celebrate the night on the dance floor with you so make sure they feel a part of the action from the get go. They’ll sit down a couple of times throughout the night but they’ll probably spend most of it mingling or cutting shapes. Therefore they can well and truly handle the front row where it’s all happening. 

3. The friends that don’t have friends

For your guests that don’t really fit into any of your groups, like your friend from uni who has met a handful of your friends once - put them near another ‘outsider’ in the room - the DJ. No doubt they’ll strike up a conversation with the DJ and feel like they know someone. Plus sitting so close to the party tunes will encourage them to get involved and on the dance floor bonding with your other friends through interpretive dance! 

Trust us on this, our invites to hundreds of weddings make us official experts in why you should plan your seating plan around the DJ. 


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