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Sunset ceremony... We need to make this a thing!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I'm not one to do things the traditional way, so when Monty from Holy Matrimony and Loz from Hungry Hearts Co were at an event together recently we came across a little situation. One of our clients wanted to book Loz as her celebrant but Loz already had a wedding that day. Monty suggested changing the time of her ceremony if she wanted Loz so bad, to allow time for Loz to make it from her earlier ceremony. We were like.... YES! A sunset ceremony! Do it! (Monty has three weddings booked in one day, he told his client if they wanted him so bad to have a sunset ceremony so he can make the trip in time, they did it!)

My beautiful bride was terrified of the idea, because it's not what you're meant to do. Monty, Loz and I came up with the perfect scenario and we're absolutely dying to see it through. Imagine this...

Your guests arrive at 3pm, you're there with your soon to be dressed up in a cute as can be cocktail dress to greet them. There's a soloist playing, there's lawn games, the sun is out, what more could you ask for? You're not hiding away in a room waiting for the moment you're 'meant to' present yourself. Instead you're spending a couple of hours in the afternoon sun drinking, mingling, enjoying the music, relaxing! Then 5:30 hits. The sun lowers just enough to give you the most amazing light, you sneak off to change into your gown and your celebrant announces that the ceremony is about to begin. By this time you're super relaxed, your guests are well and truly into it, they let out a big cheer and everyone walks over to the ceremony, laughing, drinking, yahooing. There's no scary big entrance, there's no nerves. Just you, your lover, your closest friends and family, all a little giggly from the afternoon champagne. No stiff traditions! Oh and the sunset, that's what this is all about. Imagine your ceremony photos at sunset! Why has this not been done more often?

Joel from Barefoot & Bearded is no stranger to a sunset elopement, he can tell you first hand why this is a thing. So why are we still in the mindset that you have to hide away, wait for the big moment and walk down the aisle all nervous and shit! Forget the 4pm ceremony, have your guests arrive at 3, spend a couple of hours drinking, singing along to the soloist you sent months finding, walk down the aisle so you still get that moment of the first look if you're so worried about losing all tradition and get married as the sun sets all hopped up on champagne and rosé and make your wedding one to remember! How friggen fun does that sound!

If this conversation came up three months ago before I got married I would have jumped on this bandwagon so hard I would have fell right through it!

As Joel would say, F*ck traditions, let's do something fun!

Kayla x

Dress By Zolotas

Hair & Makeup by Bonnie Lee Mooney

Caravan Bar by The Roaming Eagle

Boozy Suzie Caravan Bar

Mobile Bar hire servicing Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Central Coast weddings

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