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Why being fashionably late isn't so fab!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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I can guarantee 99% of you have heard the saying "The bride's meant to be late to the wedding"and it's all well and good until you really think about that and understand how it affects the rest of the day.

The celebrant - Believe it or not when you book a celebrant for your day, you don't own them for the whole day. Most good celebrants can have up to three weddings in one day. So if your ceremony starts at 3pm it needs to start at 3pm, they might need to be at another venue by 4:30. A lot of celebrants will have a clause in their contract stating if you're late, they can and will leave. They have another ceremony they need to get to and you being a fashionable 20 minutes late could potentially damage their reputation if you cause them to be late to their next wedding. Imagine your own celebrant being 20 minutes late because someone else was late for theirs, you're not going to be understanding.

The bar - You've paid for 6 hours of service, you want us to start serving as soon as the ceremony finishes. If your ceremony is running 30 minutes behind we don't start the 6 hours from whenever the ceremony happens to finish, we start from the allocated start time. We have staff ready to serve, who we need to pay for their time even if your guests aren't ready to be served yet. So you're losing service time if you're running late.

The musician - Same applies for the musician, they're paid for their time. So if they've arrived and you're ceremony isn't over, you're paying them to stand around twiddling their thumbs (not on a guitar), and they'll finish playing at the stated time, they don't push their times back half an hour because things are running behind.

The caterer - Your caterers have a time the food will be served, and they work to that time frame. Can you imagine having to keep food for 100 people hot for 30 minutes without warning? They have the facilities to cook for that many people, but they can't fit 100 plates of food in the oven, and you don't want your guests eating cold food!

The Photographer - You guys watch the block right? You see them bang on about how they have all these expensive trades standing around at $100 an hour because things weren't organised properly. YOU ARE THE BLOCK. A photographers time is extremely valuable on your wedding day. 30 minutes of lost time for your photographer could mean the difference between you having epic sunset photos and you missing out. It also means your bridal party photos could be rushed because the allocated time was cut into. It means your photographer might miss the all important dance floor shots because their time is up.

There are going to be a lot of things that don't go to plan on your wedding day, it's a part of life and sh*t happens. So don't think if you're on time everything's going to run perfectly smoothly. Things still happen! But being on time for your ceremony is a good way to kick the day off, the late guests can watch from the back and you'll get the most out of each of your vendors!

Kayla x

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